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Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.
— Bruno Barbey

My goal as a photographer is for every image I create to tell a story. In more than 1000 words.  

It happens working with commercial clients so their marketing efforts are engaging, and lead to action. It happens with personal clients in creating headshots and branding images that best represent them through all their endeavors. It happens with families to preserve their stories in both print, and digital art forms.  It happens working to create unique sports portraits for young athletes and tomorrow's hottest success stories.  And it happens serving with charitable organizations who need their story told.

... They all offer opportunities...  

My clients choose me for something significantly above average, tailored to their needs.  We're all photographers these days.  We're snapping away, and even blind squirrels find a few nuts.  But is that enough for your business? Your brand? Your publication?   

With an education and background in sales and marketing, millions of shutter clicks later, continuing ed classes, workshops, user groups, self study; with an accumulation of pro gear over time - I've honed a passion for capturing not only the moments and memories of my family life and travels, but the lives of many others.  People, places, and how light changes their combined impact.  To see it unfold through a lens is pure joy for me, and I strive to make my clients happy, almost to a fault.  I believe professional images are more important today than ever before, and technology is allowing us to professionally capture and create unique art more than ever.

The cornerstone is building relationships in the process.  Capturing people+places+light is truly rewarding.