A New Chapter Ahead

College years are slowly but surely getting farther and farther in the past.  I've worked for a range of companies since graduating in the early 90's, getting married, and having kids.  All have been in the realm of sales and management, each having their ups and downs.  I was fortunate enough to have been working part time for a large telemarketing company while in school, so having a full time job out of the gate made it seem...easier.  It was a great role, and I learned the craggy and pit laden path of sales, and it's many challenges and rewards.  That job helped launch me my sales and management career.

Fast forward 25+ years and here I am embarking on a completely new path, a new chapter.  Well, not totally new.  I've had 15 plus years of being a small business owner as well as having 15 years of photography.  But being able to work in something that excites me AND earn income is a first.  This is the first time I've started something, that I am truly passionate about. 

First things first, I wouldn't be able to do this without the significant support of my wife, and life partner, Ellianne.  She has always encouraged me, stood by me during those daunting times, and is my greatest cheerleader.  Not to mention she's super successful in her own right.   Having cushion to approach this the right way takes a load of stress off.  

I also have to thank my parents who also share a passion for photography and videography by using it as a means to give back and do good things with it.  They always encourage me...

So hit that subscribe link below for monthly updates and promotions.  You can find me on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, Pinterest with the social links below, as well as browse the growing content here.  I will be delivering quality content that can be inspirational and maybe, enjoyable!  Not to mention providing creative photography services!