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Giving is Only Seasonal

As promised I haven't bombarded you with countless blog updates, and as a matter of fact, I'm overdue about 6 weeks for a blog post.  But the time is right for the topic of giving, because giving is seasonal, right?  

This is a great season to give, and one of the most important seasons in the Teamrivers household.  It's when Lighthouse Family Retreat begins serving families with children who are in the midst of cancer treatment, or who have been in the storm in the recent year.  

Many who know us, and even many who don't, know of our journey through childhood cancer with our oldest, and the impact Lighthouse Family Retreat had in our lives over 10 years ago.  And in recent years we have jumped back in with both feet, serving with our entire family, hopefully giving back at least a fraction of what we received as a patient family.  

Lighthouse Family Retreat gives families what they will not likely get, or take on their own.  A time to leave the world of hospitals, cancer clinics, needles, crying, fear,... uncertainty.  Maybe hopelessness.  Definitely anger.  Frustration.  LFR gives families an opportunity to reconnect.  A time to connect with other families experiencing many of those same things.  A time to talk and share their stories.  Cry, and heal.  A full week for siblings to laugh, swim, run, and play with other siblings.   A week to see that life isn't just about their brother, or sister and illness.  Or Mom and Dad's sadness.  LFR gives children with cancer a respite from the pokes and prods of treatment.  

This all happens at the beach, and boy is it ever needed.  We gain a new perspective with every retreat we serve, and the even greater necessity that exists.  Families are torn apart from childhood cancer, and Lighthouse Family Retreat is a positive step to giving hope.  Hope in God. 

It's a season of giving.  If you don't serve or give somewhere, get plugged in.  And if you're still searching for that perfect something, take a look at Lighthouse Family Retreat.   

If you feel compelled to give, click the picture of my little buddy up top, it's been made simple.   

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years.  Our families.  Our friends.  We truly value your love, friendship, and support.