Less than 1 Second To Communicate a Message

Is your head shot communicating YOUR message?

Or does it look like everyone else's? 

brent rivers headshots-1.jpg

Your Eyes.  Your Eyes.  Your. Eyes.  They tell the story.  

The editing process happens after a session and includes exposure balancing if necessary, and retouching and finishing steps without destructive techniques.  The last thing you want in a headshot is a plastic recreation of who you are.  Can I turn you into someone else, absolutely, but it's not advised.

So what are those requirements?  The right clothing choices for your target audience?  Hair styled or recently cut?  Makeup?  Well rested, clean skin, and willingness to listen?  Enough time to work through, to the absolute best shot without having to rush out?  So what else is there?  

Go HERE to Get the Requirements List  

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brent rivers headshots-1-18.jpg
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brent rivers headshots-1-19.jpg
brent rivers headshots-1-22.jpg
brent rivers headshots-1-23.jpg
brent rivers headshots-1.jpg
brent rivers headshots-1-27.jpg
brent rivers headshots-1.jpg

Retouch & Finishing Steps

Retouching & finishing steps occur on all selected images, but not on proofs.  Rarely does an image come out of the camera perfectly, and they will require tonal and exposure balancing, along with dodging and burning, maybe white balance adjustments in mixed lighting.  These are the editing steps.  But retouching includes the removal of temporary blemishes of the skin or clothing.  Skin texture and color smoothing, eye & teeth enhancements to include brightening and sharpening, and stray hair removal.  There is a fine line from too much, or too little but getting it right is paramount to you getting what you want and need . 

Additional retouching efforts may be requested or necessary, and should be discussed prior to any session.