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Action sports, sports portraits, composites, they all are part of telling the story.  

I'm a guy.  I love capturing sports, what can I say.  I can't play much anymore but I can capture the action to tell a story.  What's the background?  Is the subject isolated?  Can you feel the emotion?  I work to frame every image i plan to capture and do not just spray and pray I get a shot.

I get asked all the time why my images look different even when using similar gear to theirs.  While it does take quality equipment to work in low lighting, to maintaining focus with moving subjects, it's not the gear that makes an interesting or compelling image. It's like hunting, waiting for the right moments, being in the right locations.   

And when you integrate the elements of planned lighting, creating mood and drama, the sports portrait becomes the next level of fun.

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Motivation, Determination, and Persistence

The Mind can overcome limitations when we let it..

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